Saturday, May 26, 2012

Foot Reflexology: A Healing Touchup

By: Shruti IL.

"Treating yourself to a foot reflexology is by far the easiest way to transport yourself to ‘Cloud 9’ 

That the foot is a mirror image of the body is something that you will agree with after experiencing  therapeutic foot reflexology. The therapy, that traces its origin to China, is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part of the body and thus the massage not only soothes your tired feet but also stimulates the functions of every organ in the body and refreshes you. Looking for more pointers on the therapy and most definitely some mind and body rejuvenation?"

Stevenswood Indigo Eco-Spa is a wonderful resource for this treatment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Achieving Optimal Health Through Massage

Obtaining and maintaining health is a lifelong pursuit. The first step on the road to health is prevention. Most health insurance companies offer a certain amount of money to be used for preventative care on an annual basis. However, the nature of the procedures is rarely actually preventative in terms of maintaining a good state of health.

For example, colonoscopy, mammogram, prostate exam or pap smear are excellent tools for the early detection of life-threatening illnesses, however, these procedures do absolutely nothing in terms of actually preventing disease.

So what can help to maintain and create health and prevent disease? The obvious answer is to eat right and exercise. The less obvious answer is one of the few things that all people can benefit from — massage therapy.

Massage is most well-known to alleviate pain or to be relaxing for the typically over-stressed person. However, it is not widely known that massage could have prevented both the pain and the effects of stress on the body in the first place. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has spent millions of dollars doing research to back up the long-held belief that massage can boost the immune system, lower stress and shorten the healing time following soft tissue injury.

It has been found that massage can do even more than that. It can help premature babies gain weight, reduce the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood, increase the production of mitochondria (cellular organs that produce energy), and decrease the likelihood of muscle cramps. Monthly massages help to prevent sore joints and muscles from turning into chronic pain.

Furthermore, the potential benefits of specific types of massage are numerous. For example, abdominal massage can help to regulate the digestive system. The respiratory system is aided through diaphragm release and “tapotement” (a percussive massage technique) to break up congestion. In fact, massage therapy has the potential to promote the function of every system in the body. Also, the individual receiving the massage has the opportunity to relax and/or sleep for an hour or more without anyone expecting or demanding anything from them which can be rejuvenating all by itself.
At Healing Horizons we believe good health involves addressing health from multiple angles.

We embrace the concept that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being are entwined and that the balance of one system is dependent on balance in all other aspects. Massage therapy is one modality offered at Healing Horizons that encourages wellness through prevention and addresses the individual's physical, mental and spiritual needs.

We also believe that reaching one's ultimate health potential involves a true partnership between provider and client.

Our efforts to provide superior care can only be as successful as the individual's willingness to be actively involved in their own health care plan. Healing Horizons is a place where the practitioners practice integrity with the care of the client being based on individual needs.


Jackie King, RMT, is a registered massage therapist in the state of Colorado. She can be contacted at Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions, 970-256-8449.

Indigo Eco-Spa commends, supports, and addresses these concepts at our facility at Stevenswood.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Research Shows Massage Therapy Improves Heart Rate Variability in Pre-Term Infants

Research Shows Massage Therapy Improves Heart Rate Variability in Pre-Term Infants

Posted:  5/11/2012

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In new research, massage therapy improved heart rate variability in a homogeneous sample of hospitalized, medically stable, preterm male infants, and may improve infant response to exogenous stressors, according to an abstract published on

The researchers, from the School of Nursing at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, speculated that massage therapy thus improved the infants' autonomic nervous system function.

For this study, licensed massage therapists provided the massage or control condition twice a day for four weeks. Weekly heart rate variability, a measure of autonomic nervous system development and function, was analyzed using SPSS generalized estimating equations.
The study is running in the Journal of Perinatology.