Thursday, February 14, 2013

When Hot Stone Massage Therapy Should Be Carefully Considered

Hot Stone Massage TherapyHot stone massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress. It is a natural and a very effective aid to release muscle tension and even emotional anxiety. Stress does not only drain you mentally and emotionally, it is also the source of physical pain.
Parts of your body may not seem to be have their full range of movement when they are stressed in your daily activities. The hot stone massage can treat that, after a good session of this type of massage therapy you may be able to get back to your normal life without stress and muscular or skeletal discomfort.
Many wellness clinics today offer various types of massage. Most of them focus on muscle and bone stimulation to relax and de-stress each part of the body.
Many massage clients gain complete recuperation from stress and body aches from a well performed hot massage therapy which uses therapeutic stones such as basalt, marble, or chakra. However, you need to carefully consider getting a hot stone massage if you feel are concerned about it’s effects on your body.

There are some body conditions that are not allowed in a hot stone massage therapy session, specifically hypertension.

The therapist will put hot stones on your body wherein body temperature will increase and if you have a high blood pressure trigging a high body temperature is not recommended.

You should be cautious in availing hot stone massage therapy when you have:

Hypertension. When your blood pressure is high, a hot stone massage session is not recommended to you. People with hypertension may not benefit from this style of massage session and may even be a detriment their health. Blood pressure may rise as body temperature does and putting a hot stones on your body will trigger a higher than normal body temperature.
Skin Conditions. You may need a doctor’s permission when you like to have a hot stone massage if you have a skin condition specifically if a skin inflammation.

The hot stones may trigger the inflammation and may worsen your skin condition. You need to treat your skin inflammation first when you want to have hot stone massage.

Pregnancy. You are not allowed to receive a stone massage when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is augmented as this helps shorten and soften the muscles in preparation for giving birth. The hot temperature and deep tissue stimulation during the massage lengthens these tissues, which makes it difficult for the pregnant woman’s body to prepare for birth.

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Posted by:  Connie, Stevenswood Spa Director
February 14, 2013

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