Monday, April 9, 2012

Brook Lewis "Joins the Stevenswood Team"

I feel so fortunate to have joined the Stevenswood Indigo Eco-Spa, in the picturesque village of Little River on the beautiful Northern California Coast.

As a Holistic Health Science Educator & Consultant, I am energized by the community's interest and involvement in Holistic Health and Nutrition. 
At 19 years old, I accidentally started my study of health while reading every single article about "dieting", which turned out to be "all about health".  

Stevenswood offers the community a resource for council in health & organ disease, as well as pain & detoxification release thru Energy Work, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Massage, & Infrared Sauna.  

Mendocino County is one of the Forefront Leaders  in community involvement of the Sciences of Nutrition, Body Functions, Relationship of Organs, Enzymes, Hormones, & their relationship to our Spirit, Nerves, Thoughts, Actions, Dreams & Longevity.  

The "NEW 40"  is the "New Lifestyle Choice of Nutrition & Exercise".  The added benefit of the sea air we enjoy on the northern coast contributes to a positive effect on our emotions, thus improving our health.  

Stevenswood offers a Holistic approach to Esthetics using only natural ingredients in the use of essential oils. plant & sea enzymes, &  vitamins  for skin care treatments at the spa and in the home care skin products.
As a permanent makeup artist, the principles and technique of permanent makeup are used to enhance or change features, camouflage, or improve appearances with  para-medical tattoo.     

I'm in my zone and I enjoy sharing ideas. 

Thanks to all of you,
Brook Lewis, CMT, LE,
Holistic Health Science Educator
Stevenswood Spa Resort

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