Saturday, April 14, 2012

 BEDS, SLEEP, & DREAM CYCLES                                      
The Correct Bed is pliable, & follows body curves w/ample support.

Bed wide enough to reach elbows of out stretched arms.
Bed long enough to lie with arms above head. 

Sagging Bed gives no spinal muscle support w/rolling sleeper positions.
Hard Bed does not cradle body & creates hollows at the waist, between ribs  &  knees,  making it impossible for muscles to relax.

Dreaming  is essential to good health; dreaming  takes the same amount of time as living out the dream,  & can be initiated by external stimuli.   In order to recall a dream,  we must wake straight up from a REM dream. Go to bed at the same time every night.   Good sleep regenerates Mind & Body,  repairs damaged tissues & cells, & strengthens immune system.  Sleep allied w/light & dark evolved  into our 8 hours (apes slept  in the dark  for protection).   48 hrs. w/o sleep generates a stress substance similar to LSD, impairs brain  function & concentration.    Withdrawl from drugs causes nightmares & vivid dreams increasing in time to compensate for the dream time lost.  We spend our nights in  repeated  “4-5 Descents & Asents (Dream Stage)” of  four sleep stages:

Alpha Rhythm:  Closing eyes, our brain waves show a special  rhythm of relaxation known as Alpha Rhythm. 
Stage 1  Sleep:  Waves become irregular descending into a state of drowsiness to sleep. Muscular spasm (Myoclonic Jerk) occurs w/or w/o knowledge.  Medical profession assumes spasms are caused by the brain switching from the conscious to the unconscious mind. Wives tale is that this spasm -jerk is ancesteral prehensile tail used to hang from trees & slips, so “the jerk is in our genes”.
Stage  2  Sleep:   Following the Myoclonic Jerk, 10 minutes to State Two while muscles relax &  heart slows down, the eyes roll side to side.
Stage  3  Sleep:  Muscles become relaxed, breathing is even, heart rate, temperature & blood pressure all continue to drop fairly rapidly.
Stage  4  Sleep aka Delta Sleep:  Final Stage where sounds will not wake us up as they would have earlier.                                                               REM:  1 hr. after sleeping, eyes begin rapid jerking motion in sync, heart rate & blood pressure become irregular, brain waves resemble the wakeing brain & oxygen intake increases, but our muscles become slacker,  head & neck lacks muscle support.                 THE END

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